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  • New Product Update: January 20th

    Well (kind of like my last post), I'm still surprised by how FAR I have to think ahead in this business. Here's what I got at the store today:

    I made a rosettes color chart over the weekend and I do think they're pretty darling!  I've got tons of ideas. (Now if only I could make some things for our ready-made shop Mama Always Said!)

    I decided this year to just do some general summery ones as well. This is what I ended up with:

    I think I'm officially caught up with the rosettes now! I can start to think about cute appliques and other options. I'm thinking I'll do more of the bow appliques but I need to find some good ribbon for that. That's one thing I have NOT done ahead of time.

    In other news we're continuing to add to our litany of elastic yardage options. We now have black and white 1/8". We have to buy a LOT of this at one time so we'll be adding a couple colors a month until we carry a full stock.  Same for the 5/8" FOE. We will add black and white this week, chocolate and ivory in about two weeks-and we added nude and baby pink today.

    And here's the nude. Its actually what we got when our supplier said, "Let us send you ivory, we have it in stock!". But to me, this isn't ivory. Its kind of a nude or sand color.

    In addition to these we added charcoal gray and sandstone earlier this week. Next week I should also have single rolls arriving of turquoise, fuchsia and cherry red. Basically I took a poll on the fanpage to figure out which colors people needed most!

    Happy Monday y'all! I'll continue to update via the fanpage when we get new items. Later this week I'll show how we finished the filing cabinet. I'll also talk about some quick DIY crafts you can do with our supplies. Thanks as always, for reading!


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