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  • So You Just Work at Home?

    When I started this blog (all of two weeks ago), I intended for it to be not only DIY, product updates and random pics-but also general insight into being a small business person.  For that reason I thought it might be fun to talk about that age-old comment from my office-bound friends- "Well, you just work at home!"

    I get this a LOT when I tell people I quit my day job to run Fleuriste. Actually I got it recently from a good friend. We were chatting about his {stupid} boss and then all of a sudden I got the "Well YOU just work at home".

    I'm sorry, what? I must have given him a withering look because he's been apologizing for two weeks.

    Oh, I JUST work at home, that's right. It is SO easy. Basically I sit on the sofa with my dogs and twiddle my thumbs and eat bon bons day and night while my husband cooks and cleans.  If I could sum up my life in a picture it would be this:


    I think its actually important to note that as a crafter you'll meet with plenty of skepticism. And God help you if you decide to make your craft your full time job. Be prepared for people to think you have all the time in the world. Be prepared for them to expect you to drop your responsibilities the moment they need something. Be prepared for them to NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU DO.

    If you guys knew me well (not the sweet customer servicey side...but the every day me) you'd know that I really DON'T care what people think. I enjoy my job and I'm grateful for it. My fiance is ridiculously supportive. At the end of the day it's really his opinion that matters most to me-and he's happy with my job-so who gives a flip about the other skeptics. But I will say-when I quit my job and my parents thought I was crazy-it did bother me a bit.

    I mean ultimately your own kin are supposed to think you're the moon and stars, right?!?! Right?!?! Well if you make that leap into "just working from home", be prepared for even your parental units to think you've taken a dive off the deep end.

    I digress. I got over all that and here's what "just working from home" means to me.

    My fantastic clean lovely organized home office (well this is a couple offices ago but you get the idea!)

    It means having time for my furry children, whether that means snuggling on the sofa or going for walks. It means watching Bruce eat too many treats, just to see if he could do it.     {fail}

    It means responsibility, late nights, non-paid overtime and a whole lot more! Guess who cooks dinner at our house? I'll give you a hint-its not me! I have the best fiance in the world ( I hope he doesn't change after the wedding;) ).

    "Just" working at home means I can work 24 hours a day. I bet I work at least 12-14 daily, six days a week. Sunday's easy with just 5 or 6. I literally wake up at 3 am EVERY NIGHT to answer emails from my customers on the other side of the world. "Just" working at home means daily postal runs at 5:30 because I have too many packages to give to the mailman when he comes by. "Just" working at home means that every sale I have, every customer I chat with, every email I get-receives a timely and friendly response. "Just" working at home means I go out of the way all day, every day to make my customers happy.

    Honest to God I'm exhausted just writing this post.  But seriously! I couldn't possibly be more grateful for my little company, its customers and its growth. Its presented possibilities I never would have imagined a few short years ago.

    I "just" work at home-and I'm dang proud of it! {Back to the bon bons I go!}

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    • Dolores says...

      I enjoyed your blog post but can totally relate with where you are coming from. I enjoy my work and can’t think of any other job I would want either because they all have their good days and bad. I loved the glitter elastic I bought from you at Christmas time, will need to order somemore before the next craft show. CraftyD

      On January 24, 2012

    • Katie says...

      I want to say I’d love to work from home, but I can’t :) not with a 2 year old, a 2 month old, a husband and a dog!!! Going to the office is an escape from my hectic home life. So props to you!!! I’ve only been purchasing supplies from you for a few weeks, but you are amazing! !! Thank you for accommodating my every wish quickly! I look forward to purchasing more supplies in the near future

      On January 30, 2012

    • Monica Castillo says...

      I was trying to figure out how to ‘just’ write a comment at midnight while I work from home at another country lol Love your blog! Keep up the good work! As for me, I’m at the receiving side where I ‘just’ receive the nice-customer service you and I can say, that side is awesome! Thanks again for everything and providing your customers (me) awesome quality supplies :) xoxo. -Monica

      On January 23, 2012

    • fleuristesupplies says...

      Ahahaha Monica-too funny! I’m glad you can relate ;) Glad you like the blog, not sure if its really useful but my mother keeps telling me I need to do it. She’s super computer savvy so I figured I better get on it:) How’s everything going your direction? Are you busy? Do you have any of the glitter elastic yet? I feel like you do, but if you don’t let me know and I’ll send you some samples in an envelope :)

      On January 23, 2012

    • Monica Castillo says...

      I do actually! :) Soon I will be purchasing black though….you were out when I got the varioussss colors lol I think that may be the only color missing. I still have a bunch of stuff! hahaha I’ve done dozenssss of headbands and it’s like a never-ending box of flowers ;)

      On January 24, 2012

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