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  • New Product Update 1/24

    So you'll probably see a LOT of these product update posts. I'm constantly adding things people have requested, or finding new things myself.  I've gotten a lot of requests for the shabby rosette trim, and not just the flowers themselves. Well I finally found it y'all! I wasn't uber thrilled with my photos-I'll probably retake them tomorrow-but this is a good start.  And I KNOW I didn't get pink!!!! Basically I found the supplier and it was the last day of their week til they were on holiday for a MONTH. So I said "Give me everything you have in stock". And this was it:

    And this:

    And I did get a LITTLE bit of pink ( I mean how could I not demand it )

    But here's the best part!  I paid them to send me samples of all the other types, colors, sizes of trims they make-and those are going to be grab bag listings on ETSY only. Just because I have literally one of each thing and that's it.  I haven't ordered it yet but if they're popular I definitely can! There's some really cool stuff out there y'all.  Sneak peak here:

    There are a couple more, but that should tide you over. As always you can shop with us in two places, on Etsy or our World Wide Web site. Have ANY issues at all?  Email me at hello@fleuristesupplies.com.  Never bought from us and are kind of nervous?  Check out our nearly 6,000 feedbacks on Etsy from happy customers (and the 3 negatives which I am always happy to explain-its ridiculous really ;)  )

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