Fleuriste Craft Supply

  • New Product Update 1/26

    Yay! Finally got in some super highly-requested colors of 5/8" FOE.

    And this color, which is SO cool. I'm not really sure what to call it yet though: Suggestions?

    Its not a lavender exactly....but pretty close!

    Then I got in some amazing two tone mini roses. They do have a stem on the back but they are just DARLING.

    We also got in some two tone chrysanthemums that I just love! They are such cool shades. I've never seen anything like them anywhere else.

    Lots of items will also be restocked in about 2 weeks including the XL Spiked Chrysanthemums, more colors of the mini silk & organza fluffs, buttons and more. Keep checking the fanpage, Etsy shop and WWW shop.

    And as always, if you need ANYTHING, you can email to hello@fleuristesupplies.com.


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