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    OK y'all I said I'd post every day-well let's be realistic-every business day. We got back some photographs from my fave agency Little Diamond Models. You can find them here for your own needs (and if you don't know what they are shoot me and email and I'll be happy to explain (hello@fleuristesupplies.com)).

    I sent off a bunch of items a week or so ago to be photographed, just to use within our listings. This does a couple of things:

    1) It gives people an idea of the size of the items themselves. Photos are GREAT for this.

    2) It gives people ideas of things they could make that they might not have thought of.

    What I'll do is post photos and then say what's in it, and post a link to where you can find those items on our world wide web site.  Enjoy!

    I just want to squeeze her cheeks! That's Claire over at Little Diamond Models. She's got the glitter elastic in red, a sequin centered flower in Azalea and a round button in ruby red. You may have noticed we're out of a bunch of colors of the glitter elastic at the moment. I promise it'll be back in about two weeks! We buy it direct from the manufacturer and they were gone for vacation literally til 1/31, so its not shipping til the end of this week.

    That is Claire modeling a 1/8" headband found here, and a silk and organza fluff flower in red, found here.  I just restocked the silk & organza fluffs last week as well as the mini version. I'll also be getting in more shades of the mini version in about 3 weeks-including zebra and cheetah patterned!!! So awesome.

    Both of these darling headbands feature our shabby chic rosettes with a button center. Now we sell the shabby chic rosettes by themselves in the shop, but if you think you need a ton-take a look at our shabby chic trim. You can just cut the rosettes out yourself! We don't carry a ton of colors at the moment but we will soon. We're adding to our color selection as quickly as we can......

    I think that's enough inspiration for one day! We should get more pictures back in another two weeks or so. Here's one last one for ya:

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