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  • Shop Makeover Series 1: All Things Lovely on Etsy

    Our first shop for the shop series makeover is All Things Lovely on Etsy. Ashley wrote me and doesn't have time to make a million changes, so we're going to pick a couple big things that will help right away!  You can find her beautiful shop here as well as her facebook fan page-hop on over and say hi.

    Let's jump right in. Here's a screen shot of the top of her page as of this morning:

    Hopefully y'all can see that OK-I'm not sure how to make it bigger (new to blogging!)

    Here is what I notice off the bat about her shop.

    1) Her shop banner makes it sound like the shop will be filled with wooden products. However there's a picture of a darling child in it which kind of makes me think its more likely to be kids' accessories. Then also the first sentence of the announcement says she isn't going to be making any wooden products for a little bit. In addition the subtext under the shop name is super hard to read in that font.

    Immediately these are the changes I'd make, and they're super easy:

    * Change the text under the banner to reflect what's really being sold. When I look through the sold items its ALL hair accessories, so the banner should reflect that. I think the shop title should also be a little larger since that font is a tad hard to read.  Easy change.

    Here's our next screen-see if you can spot the "problem" before I tell ya.

    There are only two featured items! That most likely means she sold the items that were up there (yay Ashley!) but it leaves an obvious hole in the shop.  There are only four spaces for featured items but you can pick however many you want to be up there! I always pick 7 or 8 so that if something sells, another item takes its place. That's why there are 4 items under my banner 99.9% of the time.

    The other great thing about the featured items is its a place to get people interested in similar/coordinating items or upcoming holidays.  I try to always pick my featured items based on photos that LOOK GOOD together, and are pertinent to holidays coming up.  So in my shop, since I carry a lot of items, I pick items that coordinate with each other and could be used to make something together. Also about every four or five days I'll throw in a set of featured items for holidays that are farther off, like St Pattys and Fourth of July. Guess what-people buy that stuff!!!! It gets them thinking ahead.  The featured items are so important. This is what mine look like right now:

    See how they go together?  Very important. Now in Ashley's case her items can't necessarily all be used at once. So for a shop like that I'd focus on holidays and color themes. If you have a bunch of items that are Valentines Day, put 'em up! Do the photos look good together? Do they clash?  The featured items section is a great way to see how your photos mesh together. It can also help you decide a theme for your photos-this way you can work on your branding. I'll do a whole post on that later.  Just as a quick aside, you'll notice that 99% of the photos in our shop have a plain wooden backgroun-that's on purpose y'all! Even our model photos are all neutral or natural backgrounds-that's what I always ask for. I'm going for a very simple look since our shop name means "The Florist"in English. I think of floral shops being simple but filled to the brim with flowers :) I'm trying to portray that through my photos.

    OK-more on branding later.

    Here's our next thing to change:

    See how when you scroll down that page the photos don't all really mesh together?  The ones with the darker backgrounds make it hard to even see the product.  What I think some folks forget is that the Etsy product icon photos are SO small.  Here's what one of those listings looks like after you click on the item:

    The flower is MUCH more noticeable and the background doesn't seem that distracting. Here's the thing though-the ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY reason people click on your listing at all is that first photo. It's probably, like, the most important thing in your shop. I guarantee if you go search hair accessories you'll see about a billion shops-and at least half of them have stellar photos. I cannot stress it enough-that is why people click on their listings! Now I will caveat myself here...I'm no marketing genius. I'm just telling you what I've learned in a few years on Etsy.  I'll give you an example from our own ready made shop (which I don't work on much, so sorry I'm probably breaking nearly all the rules I'm giving you here!)

    See how the icon photos are really basic and clear? But I've also picked some that are the product on a child and some that are just by themselves. That way I can eventually gauge which type brings more people into my shop.

    OK phew! I think that's probably enough critique for one day!  Those things are all super easy to fix. What I'll challenge Ashley to do now is search around Etsy for shops similar to hers. Make a note of which ones have photos that make her want to click on the listings. Figure out what's so different about those photos. I guarantee you one trend will be a simpler background. Also I'd suggest stretching the headbands out on something so you can see what they'd look like. What I mean is stretch them onto a plate, or bow card, or decorative frame with a simple background. SOMETHING to make it seem crisp and clean.

    If anyone else has any suggestions for Ashley, feel free to comment and leave them here. When she has time she and I will work to make these changes and then we'll do an after post. Thanks so much y'all! I've had a lot of folks express interest in this makeover thing, so I'll get to them as I have time :) Off to make headbands! ;)

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      I think this helps all of us! Thanks for taking the time to write this blog :) Since I’m new on ETSY, I wasn’t sure about “featured items” on my page..jiji I just changed it! Thanks!!

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