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    I'm sure plenty of our customers purchase items for their own personal use. But plenty more are running businesses as well-at craft fairs, from their home, on Etsy or their own website. I do this full time-I don't have another job-so making a success of it has been imperative for me.  I get pretty regular questions about how to take a business from hobby to full-time. I've got a couple of suggestions.


    The most important thing is to figure out what you want to get out of your business. I've learned from the last 4 years that people have all sorts of different motivations for being in business. Some are moms who stay at home and want to contribute a little fun money. Some are folks running full time shops, folks who want to quit their day jobs. Some just do it for fun and if they make a dollar that's icing on the cake. You have to figure out first what YOU want your business to be. I always knew I intended to quit my dreaded day job and do my own thing. BUT I like nice stuff  (insert Coach purse) and traveling to visit my family, so I knew that making minimum wage but loving what I do wasn't an option either. I needed to make enough money to live and do the things I love. KNOW YOUR GOAL.

    This was my goal at one point. Having a mall kiosk was tons of fun :)


    Know that you might not get your business to your desired end result in a year. Or even two or three. I sure haven't! This is my fourth year in business (between the two iterations of my company) and I'm just now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of goals. But I set goals for every year.  Double sales. Double the number of craft shows attended. Create an email list. Whatever you think you need to do, make it measurable. Count your success.


    There will be times-lots of times-when you're ready to scream or throw in the towel or maybe kill your husband or spouse.  There will be times when you almost get hit by lightning at a craft show { true story }, drop your stuff in a puddle of mud { true story }, realize you didn't pay the show taxes and now you owe late fees and you didn't make any money { true story }. You know how they say that a winner is someone who gets back up one more time than they get knocked down? That's the life of anyone trying to start their own business-no matter the motivations. There were SO many times I was ready to just say "screw it" and call my day job boss to beg for my job back. But I didn't. And now, headed into year four, I can honestly say I thank God daily for my life and my little company. I'm never going to be making the Forbes wealthiest people list, but I'm pretty damn happy.

    I even got to take my first vacation this past year to Turks & Caicos, where Jason and I will be getting married in June. So much fun!  OK I just have to brag a little bit, this is my ring:

    Which we bought on Etsy, from a lovely seller called Master Goldcraft.

    So all in all, I'd say it's worked out.  Running your own business can be hard y'all! But as long as you know where you want to go-literally anything is possible.


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    • Jehna Holder says...

      Amen! Great blog! Thank you for the motivation! xxoo- Jehna @ Jehna’s Boutique

      On February 05, 2012

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