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  • Resolutions and all that....

    Looking back over my blog posts, I realized they seem kind of random. Well, I did intend for the blog to be about the life of an entrepreneur. I think today's topic is pretty relevant-taking care of yourself!  Its really hard when you're a mom, or work for yourself, or are just super busy-to remember to keep yourself in shape. Its hard! Its so much easier for me to respond to convos on Etsy than get on the elliptical which is literally in my basement.  Anybody else have a similar new years resolution?  I'm proposing a challenge here-let's all encourage each other to take the time to really work on health in 2012! Everything else in life gets better when you're in shape (I think).

    I had a resolution this year-to look like Jessica Simpson in "Dukes of Hazzard" for my wedding in June.

    Picture this:


    Picture me, like that. Well maybe not with cowboy boots at a beach wedding, but she's my inspiration.  I have lost 16 pounds since getting engaged. I have another 12 to go to be at my ideal weight. How the heck am I going to do that?!

    Well one of my friends sent me this:

    Anybody want to give that a whirl with me? I did it just now.  49 minutes to complete the whole thing. And I DID feel pretty kick a** after finishing it. I also felt nearly dead.  I know I have my goal.....anybody else have a similar one?  This has literally NOTHING to do with supplies or accessories or Etsy-but its still relevant. Its HARD as a business owner, mom, wife, cook, maid etc to take time for yourself. But ultimately doing those other things is harder if you aren't healthy! I challenged myself this year to really be honest about my diet and life habits.

    I'm doing this damn thing every day if it kills me-and it might.

    Anybody up for a friendly challenge? :):):)

    I've got this at the end of my goals tunnel! That's my "aisle", and I am going to look hot walking down that thing  SO HELP ME!

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