Fleuriste Craft Supply

  • New FOE, love it!

    Lots of spring colors coming in, as well as some colors I've had on my list of 'to buy' for a while. Check it:

    This is BLACKBERRY

    This is DELPHINIUM, even lighter than our lilac/lavender.

    That's azalea pink, darker than our medium pink but not quite hot pink either.

    Did I mention these are all limited editions? We also got in dark turquoise and wine this week. I love them!!!!! We have some other awesome colors coming in this week. But they'll all be pretty limited as I bought all I could get-and that's it :/

    Lots of packages should be arriving this week and next. Including some more Nagorie feather pads, in other colors. Yay!

    Got some better photos of the shabby trim too :)


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