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  • Shop Makeover Two and Some New Supplies

    Ashley from our first shop makeover is just about done, but we're not ready to unveil her shop yet. I have to tell you though, its looking AWESOME. If you didn't see our before of her shop you can read it again here. We will be unveiling her shop early next week after we tweak just a couple more small things!

    Today we have a new shop makeover from Kelly. Her shop can be found here on Etsy. Kelly joined Etsy just over a year ago and had tons of sales in her first year! But like any shop owner she's looking to really step it up in 2012. Let's get started! As always feel free to comment below with any other helpful suggestions.

    Let's take a look at the very top of her shop here.

    A couple great things, she's already using up all four spaces along the top, and the photos coordinate with each other. The banner makes it very clear what can be found in her shop. Her announcement links to her Facebook page as well as Pinterest boards. That is all AWESOME.

    The first thing I notice that I'd change is the background of the headband photos. I see lots of folks use cool papers as backgrounds, but I personally find it really distracting. Plus if you're going to do a paper as a background, it really should coordinate with your banner/logo and all of the graphics.  This is where you can really start to tie branding in to your shop. If you love the black/white background then that's OK-but the shop graphics should be reflective of that.

    Check out the two photos in the middle of the top four banner photos. The photo with the baby where the headband takes up most of it is MUCH more polished looking. That photo would make me click immediately, whereas the photos with black/white backgrounds look a lot busier in Etsy icon form.  When I say Etsy icon I mean the first pictures you see when you scroll down a page, like this:

    See what I mean? When the photo is that teeny tiny its really hard to notice the headbands against the busy background. Now y'all keep in mind a lot of this is personal preference too. But I find that shops with a lot of sales tend to keep it simple.  Less is more when it comes to backgrounds.

    Now as you look down that row of photos what do you notice? Do you notice the beautiful products? My first impression is honestly a lot of bright color, I don't even really notice where its coming from because there's a LOT of it. Every product in the shop is made up of super bright, vibrant colors. Simplifying the photos and maybe even taking them more up close would help a lot.

    Moving on (less is more, less is more, less is more). Check out the photos in the middle of the page as we scroll down.

    See the photos in the middle with all the little squares? Can you tell what those squares represent without looking at the product title? I can't until I click on it-and that's a problem. That listing is for some REALLY COOL photo prop rugs, but the color chart is really distracting. If you actually click on the listing there are better photos of one color rug or another, I'd definitely make one of those the first picture in the listing.

    Here's another thought. If you aren't sure which photos going to work, try out a few.  Kelly has several listings for those rugs, so maybe switch up the first photo and check out your site stats to see what gets clicked on the most.  Have you checked out the new shop stats info for individual listings? It can be found here in the "currently for sale" link in your shop.

    That little box in the middle shows where you can see the stats for each listing. That is critical info you guys! Check it out! Try out different photos for your first photo and see what makes people click and come into your shop.  By the way, if you aren't using Google Analytics I highly highly highly recommend getting it immediately. Etsy has great how-tos on setting it up.

    Now let's click on one of the photos and take a deeper look at the listings in this shop.

    I love this headband, but again the background is super distracting. What else do you guys notice? I'll tell you what strikes me-the title is super long and not right for Etsy's version of SEO. If you haven't read their how-tos for optimizing your listings, go there immediately. You can find them in the forums under site help, just google "titles" within there.

    The optimal title for this listing should probably be something like "Shabby Flower Headband-Fabric and Satin Flowers on Stretch Elastic Band-Pink and Yellow". Because to find this headband Etsy will look at the first three words or so, which are Girls Pink Fabric. Well, "girls pink fabric" what? Blanket, shorts, shirt, headband? What is it? Etsy doesn't know, and neither will anyone else. If they don't search for "girls pink fabric" this will not come up anywhere near the top.

    Now let me show you a photo I love in this shop.

    This is perfect in every way. The shot is great of the actual item and the icon looks great as well. Its obviously professional and well done. Switch up the title and you're good to go!

    Kelly doesn't have too much to work on, but changing a few small things will really probably help her shop-NOT that she isn't doing fabulously, but I find that constant improvement is a good thing to aim for. I retake my photos every six months or so just because I find better ways to show things.

    Any suggestions for Kelly? Feel free to comment below or on the Facebook fanpage.


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