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  • Moving and New Items-Product Update 2/19

    Hey guys! We expanded our office over the weekend so if you didn't hear much from me I'm sorry! We're just about done moving into the office next to our original one, well expanding into both spaces.  It was a huge move and now I don't know where anything is, but ultimately we made space for cool new products MUAHAHAHA.  See below:

    We now have our russian veiling in all these bright beautiful colors.

    I love the variegated shades of these angular flowers. You can already find them on Etsy and the WWW site. They are SO cool-we'll have model photos back soon I hope :)

    These darling felt flowers are SOOOOOO cute! I love them :) I'm listing them tonight on both sites.

    I added the navy/denim combo of the giant hibiscus flower to our lineup-fourth of July is right around the corner and I think this would be darling!

    I also added navy and coral pink to our medium silk supply flowers here.

    For all those folks waiting on the multicolored buttons-I swear they are my Odyssey.  The supplier wrote me over the weekend to say sorry, he actually HADN'T shipped them because the quality was so bad, and he had to totally remanufacture them which will take another week. Its literally the third time something has gone wrong with them-but we get so many requests for them that I need to get them back in stock!

    I also added these beaded supply flowers. They were out of a couple of my favorite colors but we'll carry them all soon. I love them!


    That should keep you guys busy :) The remaining glitter elastic is shipping Tuesday so I should get it towards the end of the week.

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    • Monica says...

      Yei!! :) I hope to make another order soon! Haha waiting on the elastic ;)

      On February 20, 2012

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