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  • Shop Makeover One-REVEAL of All Things Lovely

    So if you don't remember our first shop makeover for All Things Lovely, you can check out that post here. We will show some of the before shots again, so you can also find them here.

    Ashley was having tons of fun with her Etsy shop, but wanted help because sales just weren't where she wanted them to be.  We had lots of suggestions for her, and the fanpage folks helped too.  Let's jump right in. Here's the before shot of the top of the page when you landed in Ashley's shop:

    We suggested that she change up the banner so it was obvious what would be sold in the shop. The banner made it sound as if there were going to be tons of wood products, even the font was literally logs that looked like letters. But her shop was mostly hair accessories. It would be confusing for folks who might actually be searching for wooden products. We also suggested she always use the four photos at the top, its pretty much your own featured showcases, and tells visitors what they can expect to see in your shop. She did a FANTASTIC job revamping her photos so she could use that top four section really well. Here's the AFTER:

    See how the photos at the top are brighter and more clear? Also how the new shop announcement shows EXACTLY what you can expect to find in her shop. Check out her new announcement as well, it has all the info anyone will need.

    Before, we suggested that as you scrolled through Ashley's shop, the small icon photos were hard to see and distracting. See below:

    Some of the photos were clear but about half were not. Here's the after:

    Not only are the photos more crisp and clear, but every third or fourth is an actual model photo-bringing you right back to the whole theme of the shop. Its fantastic!!! Let's take a closer look at a single listing from BEFORE:

    We suggested that the damask background was distracting. The product itself is already striped, so combined with the background it wouldn't be 'clickable' to someone scrolling through Etsy search results. We also suggested that it might be useful to stretch the headband ONTO something so it would look more crisp. Most of Ashley's headbands are now photo'd on a square white plate-and they look so great! Check out the after on this photo after she got some model shots done (GOOD MOVE):

    I would click on that photo, wouldn't you?!?!

    I hope you all enjoyed the shop makeover, we've got another reveal to do next week!  If you have time, pop into All Things Lovely and check out Ashley's shop-it really is fantastic. I see lots of "sold" items in there so congratulations to Ashley! What a lovely Etsy store and owner.

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