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    OK y'all. New two tone colors of the Nagorie pads will be in Monday. Also we will restock a bunch of the glitter elastic Monday and again Thursday. The only color we'll still be out of is silver, our supplier is out of something they use in the process to make that color-we'll get it back as soon as we can!

    We've also got the shabby rose trim arriving in baby pink and lavender Wednesday (as well as restocking red, hot pink, black and white). By the end of the week we have mint, aqua, teal, purple, plum and about four other colors and patterns arriving too! I literally almost can't contain myself due to the sheer excitement :) We also got some new items in, photos below!

    These are the new Silky Fluffs, and they can be found here on the site.  They come in all sorts of lovely muted vintage colors. I'd consider them somewhere between a medium and large flower.

    These new petti puffs are just darling! I truly love them, especially the red and sky blue coming up for fourth of july!!! Find them here.

    This new flower is super similar to the giant shredded cotton and giant shredded lace. We call it the Spike Cotton and its already listed on Wix and Etsy.

    We've also got tons of model photos that should be coming back in the next few days. I'll put up some new inspiration posts this week as those photos roll in.  Now the only thing I've got to do is find a model for some mommy shots, you can do so much with our supplies!

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