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  • Inspiration Post One

    Ok y'all we've sent literally 10 packages off to models in the last month. We're getting back TONS of photos. I thought it best to break up the inspiration post into a couple parts haha. So we'll start with part one today. What I'll do is show our model photos and then tell you what products make up that accessory. Its a way to give you new ideas and get the creative juices flowing this morning!!

    Let's get started:

    Sailor is modeling our 5/8" Headband in Cherry Red as well as the new Silk Organza Fluff/Polka Dots in Red and White. Dig polka dots but not this style? This link will show you all the polka dots in the shop!

    This flower headband is another great use for polka dots. Adalee is wearing a satin headband in baby pink with a Large Chiffon Polka Dot Fluff in light pink.

    In this photo Avonlea is modeling  a 5/8" Headband in Baby Pink, plus a Beaded Silk Flower in Pink/Light Pink. These awesome beaded flowers will be here soon in new colors as well, I just picked 3 to start with to see how they'd sell-and they're super popular!

    In this photo Adalee is modeling a satin headband in royal blue, along with shabby chic rosettes and a round clear button.

    I love everything about this photo. Look at that face!!!! Darling :) Sailor is modeling a 1/8" Headband with a Super Mini Silk Organza Fluff in Aqua, the headband is sky blue.

    One thing you'll notice about my posts is I always try to use the "actual" name for our products here on that blog-what I mean is the name its called on the sales website. That way if you want to find something, go to the shopping cart and type that name in the search bar.....you'll find the product immediately without shifting through tons of pages of products! It works in the Etsy shop as well (you've just got to be on the shop homepage when you search).

    I love our models-they're just awesome. This face has got to be the cutest thing I've seen! Avonlea is modeling a 1/8" Headband in purple with an Easter Cotton Rosette in "Jellybeans".

    Is this enough inspiration for one day?

    Ok one last photo!

    I'm in LOVE with our Two Tone Chrysanthemums. This is a great idea for how to use them. We paired it with a felt circle on the back, a Rainbow Button and a Satin Headband in Orange.

    As for a product update, we have a new shipment of buttons arriving in about 7-10 days, also some custom zebra sparkle mesh flowers that I'm too excited about to stand it! They're being custom made for us so you won't be able to get them anywhere else!!  We've got shabby trim arriving this Friday 3/2 (white, black, hot pink, red, lavender and baby pink). We've got it arriving next Wednesday as well (mint, lime, purple, plum and a bunch of other new colors).

    We have new feather pads arriving in about two weeks, more two tone and more single tone. We've got white and ivory Russian Veiling being produced as we speak, as well as 5/8" Elastic in Dark Chocolate Brown.

    Phew.  Like I said on the fanpage, I did a LOT of shopping in the last two weeks :)

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    • Marianne Hardison says...

      These photos are so adorable………….just love them all

      On March 01, 2012

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