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  • A Little Inspiration, and Easter Will Be Here Soon!

    Y'all I'm sorry I haven't written a post in a week! We have been so slammed (for which I am overwhelmingly grateful).....that hubs and I worked in the office til 10:30 or 11 literally every night this entire week trying to get orders out. The great news on that front is we're super caught up, so at the moment even rosettes orders will be going out within a day or two (maybe 3 if there's a run on them today).

    We'll be in the office this weekend installing new sets of shelves for the new shabby trims arriving next week (chocolate brown, watermelon, fuchsia, sunny yellow, navy and restocking emerald green).  A few weeks later we'll get gray, mint green and a few more.  Any suggestions? I've got to put that order in this week!  What colors would you guys like to see. Comment on the blog or the fanpage or email me-whatever works. I can get literally anything haha. This is what arrived this week:

    I'll get a really good color chart done next week with all the similar colors side by side so you can compare. I just wanted to wait until the last 5 colors come in.

    We're also getting the 5/8" glitter elastic in in about 3 colors this week and another 3 next week. I asked around and nobody wanted it, and then I started getting oodles of requests. So I'll just go ahead and buy a small quantity of a few popular colors to start. I think its pretty cool myself. Someone told me "a little glitter goes a long way".....so maybe "a LOT of glitter goes REALLY far"?!?!  I hope so.

    You guys Easter is going to be here before you know it! Can you believe it. I've never sold so many things in yellow and coral pink in my LIFE! Every two seconds I'm relisting the butter 5/8" elastic. Its that time of year, are you ready? Easter's a little earlier this year so if you haven't started thinking about what to make for that event, get goin'!

    I'm working on some cool blog posts from guest bloggers coming soon.  My good friend Michaela, founder of Not a Spy Multimedia will be blogging hopefully next week about branding. She's a marketing genius and if you need help with your own branding, check out Not a Spy. They do everything from websites to facebook pages to twitter branding to graphics and paper goods, and total marketing overhauls.  They're super busy which means they're super good at what they do.  I'm hoping she'll have some great advice about general branding for your own companies. I think we won't focus on Etsy completely because lots of our customers do their own website, or sell at craft shows-so we'll discuss branding as a whole.

    This has been kind of my update post, so let me leave you with some awesome pictures we got back from Little Diamond Models this week.

    Kendyl is modelling a 5/8" Headband and a Giant Hibiscus in Sherbert.

    Here she models a 5/8" Headband and a Silk/Organza Fluff in Champagne.

    Alright y'all, I'm off to work to respond to the 18 convos I got overnight. Looks like a busy day ahead! As always I'm on the email if you need anything at all :)


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    • kelly says...

      For the rose trim colors I would love to see: a purple (just purple, not plum), I saw a white with pink flowers on it that was neat (vintage type flower), and yellow ( not Buttercup, but bright yellow. You may have it, I didn’t check) red, hot pink :)

      On March 09, 2012

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