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  • Shabby Heart Trims-What to Do?

    Morning lovelies! I'm not sure how many of you have seen the shabby heart trims, so I'm going to do a whole post about them! We currently have them in 5 colors and we'll also sell them individually. I have some model photos coming soon so you can get a good idea of the sizing of them, but the individual hearts measure about 3.25" by 3".  The single hearts cut from the trim cost $1.65. If you buy a yard of the trim it will ALWAYS include 11 hearts, which makes them just $1.50 a piece. Its also a wholesale-able item so if you have a large enough order you can get 20% off!

    I've seen some really beautiful uses for these hearts. Let me show them to you quickly.

    Its so easy to cut them quickly out of the trim and use them for nearly anything

    I love all the colors!

    Want to see how the size compares to our regular shabby trim?

    You can find the shabby trims on our website shopping cart, or on Etsy! I've seen them made into headbands, brooches, pregnancy photo props and more. I even saw one seller attach them to the back of baby bloomers for a photo shoot-it was just darling!  There are SO many uses for this awesome new item.

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