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  • Product Update 3/18

    Lots of new items in this week so here's a quick look.

    We got a new style of button in, I ordered a ton of clear and they're about half gone already! I have maybe 70 left. I'm reordering Monday in a bunch of colors, they've got a really neat vintage look, I'm calling them our Ferris Wheel style.

    We also got the super mini silk organza fluffs in black, white, ivory, baby pink and hot pink in stock! I've already added them to both sites.

    We also got our shipment of mini satin rosettes back in. These had been very popular and we had only five colors. Now we have a ton including colors we can no longer get in the silk rosettes. I'm hoping these might serve as a replacement for some customers!

    Look at all these lovely colors!

    We also got the super mini silk organza fluffs in a whole range of zebra colors. I'm listing those this morning, I didn't get around to it last night.

    For other updates:

    *Swirl buttons and Multicolor Buttons will be restocked Monday.

    *New 5/8" glitter elastic will be restocked Monday. The Hot Pink is being mailed Wednesday.

    *New shabby trims arrive Wednesday-navy, chocolate, kelly, sunny yellow, watermelon and fuchsia...I'm reordering a ton of colors Monday too so we'll get royal blue restocked as well as butter yellow and some new colors and patterns.




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