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    Let's get some exciting announcements out of the way!

    For a while now we've been flying by the seat of our pants with our Foldover Elastic selection. We have two or three suppliers and we make buying trips-but its kind of a "get whatever's available" situation which I do NOT like. I prefer predictability, and constancy. We have FINALLY found a supplier where we can order literally whatever color we want at any time. I am beyond thrilled. We will now be able to always have in stock exactly what you need. The fantastic upside to this is we'll now be able to offer wholesale on select colors by selling FULL ROLLS of those colors. A roll of elastic carries 200 yards.  Arriving in about two weeks we'll have shocking pink, purple, black and rose pink on full rolls.

    The rolls will cost $45 plus about $5.95 priority shipping domestically. That works out to about 25c per yard whereas by-the-yard costs $.35. That's actually MORE than our typical 20% wholesale discount. We'll add 3-4 colors every two weeks until we carry a full range of fantastic colors.  If there are colors you need urgently let us know and we can prioritize them. After this current shipment we plan to add baby pink, bubblegum pink, superhot pink and ballet pink by the roll. Y'all believe me-I have looked all over the internet for this kind of offering-and it just isn't reliably out there.

    That's my first announcement. The second is that we are beginning to build a fantastic new website.  Here's why: Right now when someone wants to purchase wholesale there is a lot of back and forth and quoting and occasionally "Oh I thought you meant THIS one not THAT one" which happens. I'm aiming to save you guys time. Our new website has the ability for me to create rules which enforce our wholesale quantities/pricing/minimums. It'll automatically tell you if you don't have enough items for wholesale. Then it'll automatically deduct the wholesale amount from the items it applies to. Its going to save everyone a bundle of time. I can't wait. All this functionality comes at a cost though-my time haha! Its going to take me a hot minute to get it all in place. But if you've ever thought "why do we have to go back and forth so much about this order?!?!"....don't worry-those days will be past us soon enough. Being able to minimize that back and forth will also give me a chance to get orders out faster and search for awesome new products.

    Announcements over! Time for photos :)

    Addie is modeling a 1/8" Skinny Headband and Felt Flower with Beaded Center.

    Here she models the same headband with a Beaded Silk Flower.

    Gabby Jane is modeling a Silk Organza Sequined Flower. The headband is actually just one I grabbed at Target, the color was perfect so I used that instead of one of our own :)

    Here she models another Target headband (I love Target haha) and a Sequin Centered Flower.


    Here Gabby is modeling a headband made from our by-the-yard 5/8" Glitter Elastic and a Cheetah Fluff in Gray & Black.

    As always enjoy your day. Enjoy the photos. Enjoy the sunshine. I for one am thankful it didn't snow again ;) Happy crafting!

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    • mhardison says...

      Awesome, love progress! and ease of use being a customer that is!!! M

      On April 05, 2012

    • mommatobinksandbubble says...

      woohoo!! i’m really excited about this announcement too! thanks for the heads up – will be looking out for more amazing colors & simple white on full rolls :)

      On April 09, 2012

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