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    My Denver bridal shower was this weekend, and let me tell you-those girls know how to have fun. Because the Kentucky Derby is coming up soon, the hostess decided that everyone should bring an "over the top" hat.  My mom even flew out from North Carolina for it, so naturally I waited for her to create a hat on Friday, so we could do it together. I already knew I could create something really fun from all of our hats and elastics. I even bought her a little cap at Target to decorate.

    But she had other things in mind. This is how the conversation went:

    Mom: "Oh! There's the Burger King, just pull me through the drivethrough"

    Anna: "And what?!"

    Mom: "Oh just ask for a crown! They'll give it right to you"

    Anna: "You want me to ask for a crown at the Burger King drive through without actually even ordering anything? We don't even have any kids in the car!"

    Mom: "Oh fine well buy some french fries".

    And that's what we did. So of all these photos, hers is the one that starts as a Burger King crown. We took a little different view of over the top. We did have an awesome time putting them all together though. I always forget hats as an option to make with our products!

    And a whole lot of concern from Bruce as bits and pieces of veiling, trim, and elastic rained down on him. I did find a little stash in his crate later though, so he must have been having fun. Maybe he just ALWAYS looks concerned-it must be the eyeballs.

    I thought the final products were actually pretty awesome! I had to make a second hat for a friend, can you tell which 2 I did, and which started as a crown? ;)

    It was actually a ton of fun! It made me think hat or headband making would be so fun at a bridal shower, bachelorette party, child's birthday party, Kentucky Derby party.....we really had a blast! Here's a couple final shots.

    Then a couple of action shots:

    Happy Monday y'all! Have a lovely, inspired week :)

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    • Monica Castillo says...

      awww cute! love the crown lol :) looks very fun indeed!

      On April 30, 2012

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