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  • Happy Cinco de Mayo! Are We Ready for Summer?

    To me Cinco de Mayo really marks the beginning of summer. In Denver there is a HUGE parade that goes on every year. You can see a little bit of last year's here:

    And this I couldn't resist taking a picture of-because really-if you wake up in the morning and think "My 100% Lycra See Through White Bodysuit is definitely the way to go today!", I want a photo of you for posterity. Love the addition of just plain white sneakers.

    Theoretically the weekend is a time of rest (or celebration in this weekend's case), but I find myself working haha. One of these weekends I'm actually going to take the whole weekend off instead of working, but I think its kind of like a withdrawal process-so I can just hope to eventually get there over time, and maybe with therapy ;)

    I did get a little goofy today though, which happens a lot more often than I'd like to admit. We hired a gal to help pack orders and cut elastics, and every now and then when she gets too quiet, she looks up to see me, doing this:

    Before you all laugh too hard, I DID actually purchase this from one of our customers. It was too darling to pass up, although it got crunched up pretty bad by our mailman. According to him it was "accidentally run over" with his mail truck.  How my package got under his tire is another story...but hey. It has a huge smudge on one side so its now mine, to use to scare my employee. Muahahahahaha.

    There isn't too much new going on over here. We've added some new colors and patterns of shabbies, gotten in some fourth of July buttons. We have a feathers order which has lingered with no update for about a month so my main goal this week is to track that down. Purple tie dye elastic is in production. Baby pink, turquoise, bubblegum and white 5/8" FOE by the rolls should be shipped this week and will arrive early next hopefully. After that I'm looking for input as to what colors to buy next. I'm thinking lime green, watermelon, aqua and ballet might be good contenders.

    Once summer hits full force I'll start bringing in new products again (and phasing out some of my less favorite ones-look for our clearance section to expand!).

    I'll also be hiring another person to help with the order checking and packing, giving me more time to work on our new website (where you can sign up for wholesale and purchase wholesale SUPER easily without all the back and forth we do now). Its not that I don't like talking to you guys haha, I love it! But this will be easier for you to purchase from. Then if you want to just write me to blab about nonsensical topics that's fine too.

    Our wedding is coming up June 16th and we leave the 13th. I'll be shutting the shop down the 10th just so nobody can buy 80 rosettes and leave me scrambling before leaving haha. From the 10th to the 13th if you desperately need something just write me and I'll do it if its physically possible. My best friend/maid of honor is coming in town to help me get ready so between she and I we can knock out ALMOST anything.

    Then its off to the tropics for me where I'll undoubtedly be freaking out about leaving you all. Whatever will you do without me for two weeks?!?! Or maybe its, whatever will I do without you guys?!?!

    Hope you all have a lovely fantastic Cinco de Mayo, Kentucky Derby, Spring/Summer weekend.  Don't drink too many margaritas :)

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    • fleuristesupplies says...

      Oh yeah, he’s special haha. We have a good relationship haha, he always brings packages to the door and makes sure I get them. We leave him presents. My poor headband does have a huge black smudge on one side haha. Peeps weren’t really meant to survive a running-over….

      On May 05, 2012

    • Monica Castillo says...

      I bursted into laughter when I read the part about the mailman….really?? lol….atleast in the U.S. theres an existing mail service ;)

      On May 05, 2012

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