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  • PETITE Shabby Trims are Here

    Hey ya'll! Happy almost Friday :) I'm all alone at the office tomorrow so its definitely going to FEEL like the end of the week.  We got a huge re-stocking shipment of shabby trims in tonight. Chocolate brown is finally back in stock as well as tons of mint green and a few new patterns......and the petites!

    Here are the new patterns we got, and there are some neon patterns on their way in about a week too.

    We also got this awesome Olympics USA gingham print:

    Those are the only two new patterns but there are a bunch of new ones from last week also!

    Those are a few of my faves, and of course a lot of neon on the way too.  If you search "neon" from our etsy shop or WWW shop homepage you will find everything with that in the title!

    Here's a list of items that are on their way to us as we speak:

    **Several hundred feather pads including some Halloween combos

    **New colors of exclusive FROSTED glitter elastic

    **Halloween striped 5/8" glitter elastic

    **Halloween Two-Tone 5/8" glitter elastic(another Fleuriste Exclusive)

    **Neon Patterned Shabby Trims

    **Halloween appliques

    **A NEW WEBSITE!!!!!!

    I couldn't be more thrilled about our new website. Its coming right along and I am nearly done with it. This new site will be so great because it'll calculate wholesale for ya, its going to be SO much easier for you guys to use! Stay tuned for more information and I'll make sure to keep you as up to date as possible.

    Here are the new petites which arrived today as well, measuring 1.5" square (for the flower):

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