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    Good evening you guys! We have tons of new colors of Frosted Glitter Elastic arriving tomorrow (Friday night).  I can't wait to get them all, photo them and post them. Y'all are going to be blown away for sure. We've also got our other frosted glitters arriving in 5/8" which will be super convenient! Don't remember them? Here they are again:

    We sold out of them super quickly so we're out of all but the pale gray right now, but you can find them here on our site (and they'll be arriving tomorrow so stock up!).

    Also arriving tomorrow are Halloween Striped Elastics as well as a new Fleuriste Exclusive: Two Tone Glitter Elastics. This will make a lot more sense when I can show you them tomorrow. Keep an eye on the fan page for updates.

    We ordered a boatload of feathers a month ago and they've been stuck in customs for 2 weeks. I'm hoping to have them out soon but they keep asking me for more and more info. This is actually our second customs issue with feathers, not sure what's up there. I will update you guys ASAP for those, so many folks have asked for them!

    A huge new shipment of 5/8" Foldover Elastic by the roll is getting shipped next week, hopefully arriving by the end of the week. We'll be restocking Navy, White, Ivory, Hot Pink and Red I believe. After that we'll put a bunch more colors into production to continue and offer you guys full rolls of FOE at a great price! To see what's in stock click here.

    We have a huge shipment of buttons also due to arrive early next week. Think Halloween, Christmas and some awesome new pearl centered styles! Literally thousands of buttons are headed my way as we speak :)

    Our neon pink, green, yellow and orange FOE is nearly done in production along with fuchsia and red 1/8" elastic.  Those should ship this week and arrive early next week.

    We also have a shipment of new neon patterned shabby trim arriving over the weekend. Think pink and green you guys!!!! Halloween shabbies that are out of stock will be arriving next week too, along with some new bat and spider and witch appliqués.

    Phew you guys! I should be getting model pics back soon so I'll do another inspiration post :)




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