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  • Oh To Have a Life! (Or Adventures in the Backcountry)

    When I started our Fleuriste blog I fully intended it to be not only about our actual business, but about life as an entrepreneur. I hoped to write posts about time management, Etsy shop management, work/home/life balance and more. How many of those posts have I actually done? Exactly ZERO.

    I think over the last four years its just been really hard to maintain a really good work/life balance. There's been a lot of concentration on getting orders out as quickly as possible to you guys, whether that meant we worked all week and all weekend, or late into the night, or on holidays.....

    This year I decided to cut our shipping days to Monday through Friday. I think that's pretty reasonable for almost any business.  I'm still working many weekends but trying to regain control of some personal life haha.  This weekend we went on our FIRST hiking trip of the whole summer. I thought you guys might like to see what we do for fun on the (rare) occasion we're not working.  The handsome gentleman (and two furry creatures) in these photos are my inspiration and the whole reason for working so hard.

    We found an awesome old mine to check out! The tracks came all the way out as you can see below.

    Road to Nowhere! So creepy!

    Chihuahua camouflage! We almost lost Bruce ;)

    Wyatt tends to run way ahead with those long legs. He loves to scout out lots of adventures when we go hiking :)

    Look at that view!

    Love that man! He's got a tad more facial hair than he did at the wedding, but I still recognize him under there ;)

    I'm never usually the one IN the photos and I'm totally fine with that haha.

    I loved the view of this crazy old house through a shrub.

    Beaver house! We saw tons of dams on the way up :)

    Boys ready to go! Lots of hiking makes for super tired doggies.

    Headin' back home! Someone was super tired, its hard to hike with 3" legs :*(

    One last look at the awesome view!

    Hope you guys enjoy the rare view into who we actually are!  Have a lovely rest of your weekend and I'll be back to work bright and early tomorrow!

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