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  • Well Helloooo there 80s!!!!

    I've got a couple of fun blog posts for you this week, but seriously about a zillion cool new things arrived.  It looks like someone puked up 80s in my office, we're just missing thigh high leg warmers and scrunchies!

    Its too bright! My eyes! ;)

    Our 5/8" Neon FOE is .60c per yard or you can buy a full roll of 100 yards at a 20% discount-not too shabby of a deal.

    I also got in a bunch of new colors of the EXCLUSIVE Frosted Glitter Elastic-including neon green. Neon orange is in our next shipment. I'm still working on my guy to get brave enough for neon pink and neon yellow. Baby steps.

    We got 1/8" elastic in red and fuchsia this week as well, its so great! I found a supplier I super duper like and will be continuing to add several colors per month.

    Are you new to headbands? No idea what to do with such thin elastic? Here's an idea:

    Isn't she just darling? 

    That one is pretty awesome too, but I digress. I got in about a zillion new buttons this week and I am IN LOVE.


    And we're really getting ready for Christmas already. We have Christmas Glitter Elastics going into production early September. I just can't believe it!

    That's a quick update over here :) In production now is more 5/8" FOE by the roll/yard.  Arriving early next week by the roll/yard are hot pink, ivory, navy, chocolate brown and, geez, a color I can't remember right now. I've got too-late-at-night brain going on :)

    Night lovelies!






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