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  • BIG NEWS Y'all!

    Happy Tuesday you guys! I have some big huge news, especially for the local customers we have out there.


    I could NOT be more excited or thrilled or nervous about the whole thing. Essentially we outgrew our current office (my basement) and needed to get outta dodge.  We found a great new space that will allow us to continue to grow and offer new products (patterned FOE, more full rolls of all types of elastics, custom logos on elastic (news on this soon) and more!).

    If you're local you'll even be able to show up and buy right in our shop! Here's a sneak peek of the space empty:

    We get the key (hopefully) end of this week so we can move in this weekend. Its going to be so much fun! But even if you aren't local here's why our moving means good things for you:

    *More space for us means more growth which means more cool new products (and better prices) all the time

    Here's my office at the end of an average day (the table is actually supposed to be my desk haha, not a shipping station!)

    *More space means more efficient and quicker order packaging and shipping. We are tripping all over ourselves in our current space, and that means we can't be as efficient as we'd like to be.

    *More space means as we grow we're working towards the ability to have all items in stock ALL the time. This means whenever you come shopping with us you won't find items that don't have stock or not enough. I hear this complaint a lot about our foldover elastic in particular. The reason this is even an issue is that when we first started purchasing we'd buy a roll or two per color from a local gal who makes buying trips.  Well she can't always get the same things every time, so we'd only have that color (or something similar) for so long. NOW we buy directly from a supplier so we buy 3000 yards PER COLOR per order.  We're up to about 20 colors always in stock all the time, but it'll take us a little time to replace all the original colors we purchased with our new supplier's colors. We're getting there, it just takes a while and a lot of cash!

    Thanks so much for sticking with our little business as it grows.  You're helping to fuel the American economy and creating jobs. We have two employees now plus myself.  The three of us work constantly to fill orders, respond to convos, track inventory and order new things to keep you guys busy! Let us know how else we can help YOUR business be successful too :)

    Of course if you aren't local the website can still be found here.

    And if you're ever in Denver please stop by!

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    • fleuristesupplies says...

      Oh my gosh that’s so funny! Well we’re closed Jan 1 and 2 for New Year but will be back with our regular hours on Wednesday-come on by!

      On December 31, 2012

    • Sarah McKenna says...

      Oh, I will! My girlfriend and I may be by with our baby girls tomorrow or Wednesday while our older kiddos are in preschool. You will see me soon, I can promise you that. I need some glitter elastic PRONTO. :)

      On January 06, 2013

    • fleuristesupplies says...

      Hey there! We’re in Centennial CO at 8100 S Quebec St. Suite B205 Centennial CO 80112. If you’re local come by sometime!

      On December 27, 2012

    • Sarah McKenna says...

      I might just faint from joy! I was thinking, “Gosh, how can I be out of the silver glitter elastic already? Time to order AGAIN….but dang, I won’t have it in time for my baby shower gift.” Then I noticed you were from Denver and thought, “Ooohhh…..maybe I can pick it up to make it faster!” And then I started poking around your blog and saw this post. I almost fainted from joy. You are LITERALLY around the (major) corner from me!!!!! I am on County Line and Holly! I am so so so thrilled! My precious baby girl (who does NOT need more headbands) and I are totally coming on a shopping date there soon when her brother is at preschool! YIPPEE!!!!!

      On December 29, 2012

    • Ashley Morrall says...

      space looks amazing with the exposed brick and hard wood floors.

      On September 25, 2012

    • Zury says...

      Omg! Where is your store located?

      On December 20, 2012

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