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    I always love writing my new years resolutions post.  I'm pretty excited about my 2013 business resolutions. I looked back over my 2012 resolutions and realized they were all personal-this year they're all about business. I'm so excited to get started and make some of these things happen!

    2012 was a busy year for us; Jason and I got married, he bought a company, we moved our business out of our basement and into a retail space, we vastly expanded our product lines....its just been so crazy and wonderful.


    suspenders nerd

    2013 promises to be a year of even more changes and challenges. We now have three wonderful part-time employees. One will primarily do a lot of what I've done in the past (inventory, messaging, custom listings, packing, shipping) so that I can focus on growing our business. But in turn, my first resolution of the year is to GROW MY EMPLOYEES' POTENTIAL. I don't think it matters if its an actual employee or just a family member who helps out or neighbor who runs your packages to the post-its important to make sure you thank the folks who help make your business possible. I intend to be creative this year with making sure my three employees are happy working at Fleuriste and excited about their opportunities there.

    My second goal for this year is to NETWORK LOCALLY AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH. I have literally never done this yet for my business and I almost can't believe it. I know so many good avenues! There's a fantastic womens' business group right across the street from our new store-my goal is to be over there once a month in 2013.  This is such an easy and important thing to do; women love to help out other women so get your business out there and have other folks talk it up FOR you.

    My third goal is to BE A BETTER BLOGGER. I find when I'm busy the blog posts fall to the wayside pretty quickly. But in 2013 I want to make sure I do at least 3 posts a week, a range of business insights to new products to ideas and things to spark your imagination. I'm dedicated-its happening y'all.

    My fourth goal is to EXPAND WHAT WE DO IN OUR RETAIL STORE. Right now it serves as the packing/processing area for the website. But we fully intend it to become a busy craft store for local folks. This year I'm focusing on classes and marketing events to make that happen.  Picture a Stitch'N'Bitch with headbands.


    My last major goal for this year is to GROW OUR PROFITABILITY. Having a small business is hard, and every time you make a big change it costs money. This year we hired two employees, made a huge move to a new office, bought and built all the furniture for the new office and expanded to a TON of new product lines.  Those are all good and necessary changes for our business but they cost a boatload of money too. This year I'm focusing on getting profit margin back up after a year of major changes. Its a reallllly hard thing to plan for but re-evaluating your business costs yearly is so important. What you need and want to do changes constantly and you've got to be ready for that.

    Those are my big five! This January my plan is to create a detailed month-by-month guideline for accomplishing my goals. What are you guys up to in 2013? What's shakin' with your businesses and families??


    AM & Jason

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    • Sarah McKenna says...

      Well, I’ve been doing my part to grow your local business by telling all of my young mom friends that you are right around the corner from us! ;) I’m looking forward to a headband Stich’NBitch. Haha.

      On January 06, 2013

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