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    Happy 2013 you guys! I figured I better not fail to do one of my business goals in week one-so here I am again with a blog post. I thought it might be fun to look at our business by "numbers" in order to set some goals for 2013. This is tons of fun and you can do it with your own business-I'll tell ya how!

    There are some folks that put a lot of stock in numbers, I'm not always one of them but it was fun to compile these for you.

    As of January 1, 2013:

    990: The number of facebook fans we have

    32,330: The number of Etsy sales

    15,351: The number of Etsy feedback

    84: Our number in the Top 100 Etsy US Sellers list (as found on craftcount.com)

    99: Our number in the Top 100 Etsy Supply Sellers list (as found on craftcount.com)

    57: The number of people and businesses we follow on Pinterest

    244: The number of people who follow US on Pinterest

    34: The number of Pinterest boards we created in 2012

    541: The number of Pins total we uploaded or repinned in 2012 on Pinterest

    11,000: The number of views on our blog here.

    50: The number of blog posts (gasp that's so bad, its only like 1 a week!)

    It only took me about 15 minutes to look up all these numbers but I thought it put lots of fun things into perspective. I plan to do the same thing next year to see how much our business has expanded. We don't twitter or foursquare but you could easily track those numbers as well if you utilize those social media methods!

    One thing I've determined is that Facebook and Pinterest are huge drivers of traffic to our website. Expanding our network on those two sites is critical to our business growth. Having these numbers set down will help me determine if we're putting enough focus on those avenues throughout the year.

    What are your business numbers? Do you know where to focus?  This could be a really fun exercise to sum up your efforts during the last year :) Now is definitely the time to think about it! I started giving it some thought over new years, which I spent here, so beautiful!:


    Back to business.  I also try to use these numbers to think about how OTHER people can help the business grown. Expanding social media connections allows you to really scale your business. It gets other people talking and pinning about you and your products-anything helps.

    Using your own numbers you can easily set goals for what to accomplish with social media in 2013. I'd love to hear about your business numbers!

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