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  • Woohoo New Stuff!

    Happy (almost) Friday you guys :) We have a ton of stuff on the way in the next few weeks, but here's a little peek at the items I uploaded to both sites today.




    Loving the new shades of tie dye elastic. We've got purple, hot pink and lime green in production right now. Our supplier just didn't have time to finish a super big order for us before their Spring Holiday. You can find the tie dye elastics here.



    All new flowers can be found in this section of our shop.  We'll have pictures of all this on our adorable models soon as well!



    I love the new shades of pearl buttons we just got today too. So perfect for spring! Find them here.

    So excited to get the model pics back :) I'll post them as soon as I can to give you all some ideas of fun things to do. We've also got a great new tutorial to load up this weekend :):):) Keep checkin' back!

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