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  • More New Goodies-What a Week!

    Most of our suppliers are going on Spring Holiday for nearly the whole of February. What this means is I've spent January stocking up like CRAZY and most of my goodies are finally starting to arrive. We got some beautiful new glitter elastics in today, the Ombre Collection:



    PS We got 3/8" AND 5/8" sizes in all four of these Ombres.



    Ha when I was telling my husband about the new Ombre Elastics he honest to Gawd said "I thought that was the spanish word for 'gentleman?'"...........?????????????????...............

    I guess he isn't that far off but it did get a pretty good guffaw from me ;)

    Here's a few more for your viewing pleasure this evening:


    We're also now offering the 1/8" elastics in royal, teal green, hershey brown and sunny yellow. Love it!





    Black and White 1/8" elastic were restocked today too by the yard AND by the roll!

    Also.....drumroll please.......I have a fun announcement-we're building a new website! We actually just built the current one and launched in July.  However we've had some odd, random, unforeseen issues with the site that our support team can't seem to hack. We've decided to move to a new platform and are building the site as quickly as we can. My goal is to have it up and running by the end of February at the latest.  Here are a couple fun things about the new site.

    1) When you click on a product's color options it will pop up the picture of the actual color you clicked on-so you can always be sure what you're buying.

    2) The wholesale discount will be applied automatically so you don't deal with codes or non-working codes AT ALL!

    3) Tutorials will be right on the main site and super easy to access

    4) You can sign up for our newsletter right from the shop homepage :)

    I can't wait to get it running for you guys! I'm so thrilled to be working with a site that won't have the kinks of our current one :/

    Happy weekend, I'm out!


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