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  • Minnie-Inspired Headband Tutorial

    Happy Tuesday y'all! Its been a while since I posted and I'm seriously overdue for a tutorial. Today we're going to make a darling Minnie-inspired headband out of a few of our supplies.  Here's a quick peek at the headband we're going to make, all finished.

    mouse3I actually had a photo of this headband from our modeling agency-but unfortunately the little gal didn't realize it was a Minnie and put it on upside down haha. Here it is anyhow (just keep in mind it should be placed the other way on the head).

    minnie1OK let's get started! What you'll need for this headband is the following plus a black felt circle or some kind of backing-we use a felt circle but a square would work fine as well

    2x Black single shabby rosettes (cut and trimmed)

    1x Red single shabby rosette

    1 Yard Elastic for headband. We used 5/8" Black Glitter Elastic for our band.

    1 Mini Sequined Bow in Red

    In addition for general craft supplies you'll need scissors, a glue gun and glue.

    Now that you've got your supplies assembled, you'll cut your elastic to the length you want for your headband. Here are the sizes we recommend, though an actual measurement is always best if you can get it!


    Toddler: 0-1 Year: 14"

    Toddler: 1+ Years 15"

    Teens: 16"

    Adults: 17-20"

    mouse9Once you've cut the elastic put a small dab of glue at one end and fasten them together to make a loop (see below).

    mouse7Now you can set the headband down and we'll create the Minnie. Grab your felt circle and lay it down close to you (and the glue gun :) ). Glue the red rosette over the bottom 2/3rds of the circle as shown in the next pic.

    mouse6For the next step you'll probably want to lay the black rosettes on the red one before gluing to make sure you like the position of them. Once you're ready glue them onto the red rosette, making sure to overlap them in the center just a smidge.


    mouse2Now what you'll need to do is lay a strip of glue on the headband where the original overlap is. Glue the Minnie down and then add the red sequined bow wherever you like it. That's it you guys! So cute :0)


    That's it for now, thanks all!


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