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  • Vintage Trailer Redo-We're Gettin' Started!

    You. Guys.

    I love vintage trailers so much. They make my heart squee with happiness. We've been trailer hunting for quite a while-hoping to make a little home away from home when we need to escape. I couldn't be more excited and we've definitely done a lot of research into what we want. Actually I started my research on Etsy (obvs).

    We think we've settled on a trailer, here it is before any changes at all.

    exterior camper

    I totally hate the blue but we'll get rid of that soon enough! Here's a sneak peek of the interior-just keep in mind this will ALL be changed and don't judge me!!! ;0)


    OK y'all-picture this:

    tiki painting

    This amazing vintage paint-by-number was purchased from this vintage shop on Etsy. Such cute stuff! The color palette in this little piece of heaven is going to be the inspiration for our whole trailer. We'll have some large swatches of black, ivory and dark green with the other colors splashed across the interior too.

    Here are a few of the other things we bought on Etsy for the trailer.

    Love this painting though I haven't committed fully to it yet (read: I haven't paid yet baha!)

    bamboo set

    s and p

    Most of this will go in the main compartment of the trailer, but as we move to the back where the larger bedroom is we're going to make the colors a little darker. The decor will get a little crazier. Let's face it-where else on earth could I use velvet paintings (except on Regretsy)


    I love them so much they're SO WEIRD! I got them at this awesome Etsy vintage shop.

    whitlock pillow

    Getting ready to go pick up our trailer has been a little bit of an ordeal. I started with some art projects and then realized that I was approaching the whole situation backwards. They were super cute anyhow though.

    I got these wacky plastic pieces at an estate sale for $4 and spray painted them a beautiful dark green to go in the trailer bathroom.

    tiki artworks

    Finally it dawned on me that in order to pull said RV we actually need a hitch and umm.....lights. So I got to work on the wiring which actually turned out to be kinda fun!


    Haha got to love a gal who can work on cars. Am I right? Am I right?!

    That's our trailer update-I swear tomorrow we'll post some actual useful crafty information-A TUTORIAL!!!!

    Peace out ya'all

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    • fleuristesupplies says...

      Oh off to look at it!!!! I love vintage trailers :)

      On November 19, 2013

    • Amy Lake says...

      Here’s a friend Fabulatized vintage trailer in Carolina Beach NC http://www.monapaints.com/carolina_beach_nc_vacation_rental and here is one of several cars she did! http://www.monapaints.com/how_to_fabulize_a_car

      On November 18, 2013

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