About Us

Fleuriste Craft Supply is a craft supply shop in Lyman, SC that was originally started by Anna Mack and Jason in 2009. In November of 2015 it was purchased by Valentina Milaya to carry on and grow the Fleuriste name. 

You can find Fleuriste right here on our WWW site but also on Etsy here.

Fleuriste was initially an off-shoot of Jason and Anna Mack's original company Mama Always Said, which sold ready-made headbands and accessories. They had a mall kiosk for nearly two years and had to buy SO many supplies that Fleuriste got started as a way to sell off the extra goods.


Business grew from there and now the main focus is Fleuriste Craft Supply. We strive to always bring you the very best of the best in craft supplies. We carry everything from silk and cotton rosettes, 5/8" fold over elastic headbands, 1/8" headbands with felt circles, satin headbands, silk flower heads, embellishments, padded appliqués, Nagorie feather pads, full rolls of elastic, elastics by the yard, buttons, brooches and more!

We LOVE our customers! We, along with our amazing helpers, do everything we can to go above and beyond every day. Amazing customer service is our top priority. Check out our Useful Info tab for free printed tutorials, online tutorials and more.