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There are two ways to buy from our shop. You can purchase through our Etsy site at this link here

You can also purchase from our world wide website here. Sometimes folks ask us why bother to have separate sites. There are a few good reasons actually! First and foremost Etsy doesn't allow the sale of supply items that can be used as is-for example a hard headband. While you will see these on Etsy they aren't actually supposed to be there. So our www site carries a much larger range of items including hard headbands, crochet headbands, hats and more. Secondly not everyone is familiar with Etsy. We wanted to have a website option where you didn't need to create a username and log in to purchase from us.


Another important thing to know about us is we do have pets. I've never had an issue with them sitting in my office-they mostly sleep and beg for treats all day, but it if bothers you to receive a package that may have been packed in the presence of dogs please consider that before purchasing! We love them but know not everybody does. That being said they mostly lay in a chair in the corner and wait til it's time to go home again:)